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grand solitaire hotel hyderabad   A place Where one lives like an emperor, dines like a king but still sleeps like a baby nestled comfotably in his mother's arms. A place where a word as simple as recuperate takes a whole new meaning, a place not only to entertain but also to get entertained. A place where a top of the line single malt served to you just the way you want it to waits your just as much you or your partner awaits an exiciting bottle of the finest Chenin Blanc after a hard days work.
Poised with unmatched panache in the bustling economic hub between the twin cities is this fine business hotel in Hyderabad that exalts grandeur like none other. With a host of food and beverage opportunities and room that exuberate nothing else but class, we hope to extract only one emotion from our guests.....WOW.   grand solitaire hotel hyderabad
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accommodation in hyderabad   With a team that's so well experienced and passion to make a mark for them in the hospitality industry, the patrons can expect a great experience at the Grand Solitaire Hotel Hyderabad. If your enjoy the luxury of staying with us, just sit back on our world renowned RAHA beds, grab a beer form the in-room bar or just order anything you want to from our in-room dining and let us take care of the rest while your catch on to that daily soap you have been watching for ever so long.
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